About Us

23 05 2007

ChrisWe are two good friends that have found ourselves on a variety of fun adventures over the last couple of years. We also happen to be brothers-in-law (married to sisters) and Dad’s of young children. We live in the same house (Chris and fam upstairs, Shane and fam downstairs). Being at a similar stage in our lives, it’s been great having that sounding board, a compadre in the transition to parenthood and the learning that comes with it.Shane

Something we’ve done consistently over the last year is getting out for hikes in the mountains. This has been a source of much learning. Learning with regards to where we are at, not just physically, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually as well. And about the effect that that continued growth has had in our personal lives, in our work, as parents, as husbands, as members of the community.

The pushing ourselves and challenging our limits in this way has been of such value, that we have now thrown something else into the mix…..Crossfit. This is a system of physical fitness that very quickly takes you to the edge of your limits and makes you face your ANGELS and DEMONS (on a daily basis:).

We are by no means “elite” athletes and this is not some kind of extreme….anything. We are not Gym Jones (though we have admiration for what they do). We are a couple of guys who strive to better themselves, to stay true to themselves, to challenge themselves and to have fun thru it all.

We’ve gained such benefit from all this that we decided we would start up this blog. To share our adventures (and misadventures) while hiking/exercising and just other fun stuff that might not even have any correlation! To connect with others, who are somewhere along the road, experiencing similar “learning”, facing similar challenges, to expand the sounding board, to find a few more compadres.

ae & s.




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