Abreviations & Translations

23 05 2007

The POD’s will be posted in short hand, so we’ll have this page with explanations of the abreviations used (and will continue to update it as needed). Will also try to stay as consistent as possible with abbreviations on other sites, to diminish confusion.

c – Chris

s – Shane

# – Symbol used for “lbs”

1L – 1 legged. For example 1 legged DL or 1 legged SQ (see DD)

2HSW – 2 Handed Swing

ABW- The Ab Wheel

BE – Back Extensions (see CF)

BJ – Box Jump. (see GJ)

BSQ – Box Squat (see DD)

Burpee – Push up/ Jump combo (see GJ)

CF – CrossFit

ChU – Chin Up, palms facing you

C&J – Clean & Jerk (see CF, DD)

C&P – Clean and Press (see DD)

CL – Clean (see DD, CF)

Dbl – Double. Will mostly refer to when using two KB’s (one in each hand).

DD – Dragon Door

DL – Deadlift (see CF, GJ)

“Do it All Again” – For description, klick here.

FC – Farmer Carry. Eg: carry 2 #35 KB, one in each hand, and walk or run a predetermined distance.

FK – Flutter Kicks. Lie on back, both hands palms down at the small of your back. Feet 6 inches off the ground. Kick like you’re swimming backwards thru the water. A 4 count is when you kick (1, 2, 3, 1), (1, 2, 3, 2), etc. It’s a total of two kicks/leg and that is 1 rep. *Note on this one. The 4 count was getting to confusing, so, as of “Week 13” we just count each kick as a rep. Apologies for the confusion:)

FW – Floor Wipers (see GJ)

GJ – Gym Jones

GJa – Gym Jane

HKT – Hanging knee tuck. Hang from a pullup bar with knee’s raised parallel to the ground and hold. (see CF, GJ)

HSt – Hand Stand

JSU – Janda Sit-Up’s (see DD)

KB – Kettlebell (see all 3)

KTE – Knee to Elbows (see CF)

Lines – We did these in gym, hockey, soccer, volleyball. You sprint to the first line, touch it, sprint back, sprint to the 2nd line, touch it, sprint back, etc.

L&R – Lean and Rest. Static hold at the top of the pushup position.

LW – Lunge Walk (see CF)

MedB – Medicine Ball

MedB Toss – We throw the ball back and forth at each other. Get a distance that is far enough that you really have to throw it to get it to the other person. And each throw, alternate how you do it, eg: overhead, from the left side, from the right side, throwing as high as you can to the other person, shot putting it with each arm, etc.

MilPr – Military Press (see DD)

OHS – Over Head Squat (see CF)

Plank (Front) – Looks like a push up, but you’re on your elbows instead of hands.

Plank (Left) – Like the front plank (body straight and rigid) but you are on your left elbow, facing the right.

Plank (Right) – Like the front plank (body straight and rigid) but you are on your right elbow, facing the left.

PLU – Pull Up, palms facing away from you (will be regular pullup unless otherwise specified)

PPr – Push Press (see CF)

PSU – Push Up (will be a regular pushup unless otherwise specified)

R – Rest

ReRo – Renegade Rows (see DD, GJ)

RT – Russian Twist (see DD)

SJ – Super Joints (see DD)

SN – Snatch (see DD, CF)

SQ – Squat (without weight unless otherwise specified) (see CF)

SQ LJ – Squat Long Jump. Squat and jump as far as you can up and forward from where you stand)

S/S/S – Sit/Stand/Slam (see GJ video “The Captain”) and description here.

Static Hold – Just that, holding yourself in a static position.

SU – Just good old regular sit-ups:)

SW – Swing (see DD, CF or GJ)

Tabata This – (see CF) You can apply Tabata to basically any exercise.

TDR – Tire Drag. Either holding rope over your shoulder or with rope attached to harness, drag the tire.

TGU – Turkish Get-Up (see DD)

THU – Turkish Half-Up (see DD)

“Tire Me Out”- For description klick here.

TPL – Tire Pull. Tire tied to the end of string. In a strong stance, pull tire to you, hand over hand, until tire reaches you. This is a variation of GJ “Mat Pull”.

WB – Wall Ball (see CF, GJ)

WM – Windmill (see DD)

WO – Workout

WPLU – Weighted Pull-Up. Pulling extra weight, either by belt or between feet.

WU – Warm-up




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