History a la S. (Pt. 1)

23 05 2007

I’ve been into physical fitness since high school, exercising in gyms, in the cube that was my room, outdoors and playing a lot of sports. There was a ton of learning thru injuries, not always the best way to go, but it definitely catapults your knowledge base, both theoretical and practical, forward.

Side rant: For the love of God, take what you’ve learned, if you have learned anything, about physical fitness and pass it on to your kids, so they don’t have to suffer thru injury as much as we all have! Not to say they aren’t going to suffer some. In fact great lessons are learned and solid character forged thru suffering. But at least, if armed with the knowledge of our experiences and the lessons learned from those, they’ll be able to take what we’ve done with our lives a step further in their own, with greater success. In fact our kids end up becoming great teachers to us, assisting us to take our “game” up to the next stage.

Where was I……aah yes. The injuries J . More specifically, the time I blew my knee out and had to get reconstructive surgery. Now, I was in great shape at the time, but, while playing in a soccer tournament, I blew my knee out. And get this, I was just changing direction. So, there was a chink in the armor. Besides shaking up the entire direction my life was going in (yep, great learning from injuries), and all for the best, it made me once again take a look at and reassess the value of what I had learned to date about physical fitness and it’s application to my life. The knee injury and subsequent rehab not only made me fertile soil for new knowledge and systems to take root and grow, but made me hungrily seek them out.

Then something happened that cinched the fitness path I chose to walk down. IQuality Time became a Dad. During my sessions in the gym (which, by the way, was the best I’d been in to that point. Despite the number of machines, it had an old school feel to it, in a big warehouse, with a real presence of free weights, guys actually power lifting, a boxing area and basket ball court, which was great for sprint and medicine ball work) I began thinking about how things would change. Change with regards to the amount of time I could commit to my fitness and how it would take shape with the coming of my son, because it was not going to stop, but it was going to change.

….to be continued……





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