History a la S. (Pt. 2)

23 05 2007

Okay…..the change. First, I had to look at how much time it was taking. Fifteen minutes to the gym and fifteen back. I biked to get my cardio in during the travel, was never one for the stationary bikes and treadmills. I did an hour to an hour and a half of weight lifting (yes, of the more standard, isolation type work we are familiar with) and another 15 min of stretching. That came out to 2hrs or more of my time! And I hadn’t even had a shower or eaten my breakfast yet. Right, so I decided I would work out at home. That would cut out about 45 min, in travel and all the in betweens. I biked every where, so that would count towards my cardio. Now I didn’t have much in the way of equipment at home. I have a huge repertoire of military, calisthenics style fitness, but I wanted to expand.

As I searched, I knew that something else I was looking for was simplicity. I wanted to cut down on my actual workout time and knew that there were more full body exercises I could be taking advantage of and make the basis for constructing my routines. It wasn’t long before I ran into an old article I had saved from a few years before, written by Pavel Tsatsouline. The topic: building strength through two moves, one legged squats and one-armed push-ups. Well, you don’t get a whole lot simpler than that. I was thus introduced to Dragon Door and the relatively yet unfamiliar world (in our North American fitness system anyway) of Kettlebells. I immediately began reading, at a rabid pace, the books and articles written by Pavel and the gang. Watching every little video clip I could find. I wanted to be sure this wasn’t just some new fitness fad, before I committed. But the reason I couldn’t stop taking it all in and filling my cup was because it all made a lot of sense (a lot more than the current fitness “bodybuilder” type philosophy’s). Besides, it wasn’t a new fad, it was OLD school, gritty, rough, hard…..and I love that!


I finished out my gym membership doing the “Power to the People” routine (taking advantage of the fact that I still had access to the equipment). By that switch alone, I had cut my workout’s down to 45 min tops, my total time to and from the gym, one hour to one hour and fifteen min. And I was feeling great! My deadlift and bench press were increasing faster than I had ever done before and I was feeling strong.

……to be continued…….





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