History a la S. (Pt. 3)

23 05 2007

Once the gym was done, I ordered my first Kettlebells and got started. I worked out with those predominantly for about a year. The strength, flexibility and subsequent rehab of my knee was amazing! It did more in that year than the previous year of yoga One handand the prescribed isolation exercises (and plyometrics that I threw in myself) could ever have achieved. I now have no problems with my knee and still maintain a very active lifestyle, confident that my knee will hold up to the vigor’s I put it through. I then spent a year rotating between kettlebell routines, bodyweight/gymnastics routines and routines that were styled after something I’d heard about called Crossfit. As I began learning a little more about Crossfit, I came across Gym Jones. Now, for most of that year I just read the essays presented there and watched the video diaries, which were a great source of inspiration. Then this year, I kept finding myself more and more drawn to Gym Jones and the Crossfit system of fitness. I’d decided to start learning about it in earnest.


In the midst of my concentrated learning about Crossfit and development of the home gym, my brother-in-law (and partner in crime), Chris, mentioned that he’d seen some stuff on the new film “300”. We started talking about what it was that those guys must have done to get into that kind of shape. Having been familiar with Gym Jones and Crossfit for the last year, I mentioned these as the source and primary system used. We both got excited and decided we would commit to the next 9 weeks (at the very least) of Crossfit, at the end of which we would attempt the “300” test.


This brings us to now. And it very quickly became apparent that, although we were going to get into great shape, we probably wouldn’t be attempting “300”. Where we would be at, after 9 weeks, was a place closer to attempting a “300 Jr.” of sorts…..like “150”. Which is fine, it’ll give us an excuse to keep going (like we would really need one). Stay tuned for our continued progress (as we are now at the half way point) and the coming results of week 9 (Test Day: June 14).





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