The Balls

23 05 2007


Medicine balls are some of the ingredients that this recipe calls for. We’ve got a 20 lbs ball and a 5 lbs ball. 20lbs ball: Bought an old basketball for $1, cut a small slit in it, filled it with sand, super glued the slit, then duct taped this baby. 5lbs ball: Bought an oversized tennis ball (a ball for kids), $1, slit, sand, superglue, duct tape. This one is great for slamming, it’s really sturdy. We avoid slamming the basketball, because as you will read on the net, they break a little more frequently than one would want. So for slams, we use “The Sledgehammer”:). We’ll be getting an old volleyball to make a 10lbs ball. Balls were bought at salvation army.




2 responses

3 06 2007

Way to be resourceful guys! You are an inspiration to all of us aspiring millionaires!

8 06 2007

Thanks Juliet, we try. That and it’s actually a lot of fun, really fulfilling somehow:)

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