The Gear

23 05 2007

So some of you have been asking what we use to workout. Well… let me tell you. We have some state of the art equipment which is out of the reach of most. However, we thought that for those that are really committed, it would be nice to give you a list of things to get.


Now, the acquisition of equipment for our home gym has been slow but sure, evolving as we evolve and just a lot of fun. It’s been an exercise in creativity and resourcefulness. We’re going to show you what we’ve got (see categories), as an example of how you can make this stuff or where you can find it. And we’ll include the prices too, just so you can see that this can really be done on a budget (which we are on;). This is all from second hand stores, yard sales, junk people are throwing away and stuff we’ve got laying around the house that we aren’t using for anything else. There are some things we buy new, but try to be creative in what we use to make it affordable. And if you can’t do an exercise without a particular piece of equipment, get creative with your workout’s until you can get or make that piece. Be patient, the gems are out there.

If you’ve got the money to spend, then go for it. But reeeaaally……acquiring the gear without the money develops more than just some strong arms and nice abs, and that’s a big part of what Gym Jane is about.




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