The Name

23 05 2007

So some might be wondering where we got the name and why we chose it. Actually all of you are probably questioning it a little. Well, as you may already have gleaned, the inspiration for the workout’s we do come from Gym Jones and Crossfit. And more specifically Gym Jones, because we decided to start consistently working out together, using the system that they use, with the goal of being able to complete the “300” test from Gym Jones. One morning, about 2 1/2 weeks in, after one of the workouts, Chris said (after we had just completed one of the “Circuts”, doing half the work load that the members of Gym Jones did, and doing it in more than twice the time they’d posted) “we should be called Gym Jane”. I had a really good laugh and thought “yup, that sums it up perfectly”. The name stuck and thus was born…….…GYM JANE.




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