24 05 2007

For the last few weeks Shane and I get up before the kids and the mad rush of the home to do the workouts. I must admit that until recently it was never very disciplined when it came to working out – hence the pun with the name. But it was after I read some of the papers on the Gym Jones site that I had, for the first time in my life, the interest in improving and maintaining my physical fitness.One of the big concepts that they work with is Discipline. This was were I found myself hit the hardest. I realized that, although I was always saying that I wanted to get in shape, I was not disciplined enough to get it done. I become apparent that what I needed was discipline and not a workout regiment. The irony is that I used the workouts to build discipline.Today was the first time that I was alone to do the workout. I have been worried for a while that I would not have the discipline to workout on my own. I have realized that because I am working on having more discipline and not on more muscle, I have been able to surpass my goals.I did my workout today and I did not compromise because someone else was not watching. I still went the whole way.I recommend that you check out Gym Jones and check out their section on discipline. It is scary but the principles are what you can take away from it if you are just a mere mortal like me. :)ae




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24 05 2007

You are so disciplined. We all have a lot to learn from you!

25 05 2007
Juliet Heins

wow, I love your site, you guys rock and I hope I can come and join your humble gym someday- but only if I can run up and down the backalley with the tire strapped to my back 🙂

8 06 2007

You got it. One tire, with rope and harness, on hold for one Ms. Juliet;)

9 06 2007
Kirsten Wiren

Hi again, I like your website- though I didn’t get to a lot of it, but i liked what I saw! I have a “stretching routine” (it’s actually a tension release techinique) that feels great and really works to release tension. Excersises can be done at any time during the day and it helps to loosen tight muscles so that it can release- changes how stretching feels, how the body looks and how everything works together. I have saced money on physio etc., so i am happy. It’s called Mitzfah technique and comes out of Alexander technique- Mitzfah was created in Saskatchewan by a retired dancer..who knew! I’ll show you sometime, hopefully I’ll get back to Van one day. The bast part of- no sweating required- perfect for morning, after workout, before bed etc.

9 06 2007

That’d be great! Always open to getting new insight and expanding the tool box. Let us know when you’re back this way, we’ll get together for sure and do a little “Mitzfah”. In the meantime, we’ll look it up. Thanks again for sharing:)

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