25 05 2007

Well, as Chris mentioned, I’m out of town right now (visiting family). Now just because I’m not at the Gym, doesn’t give me an excuse to ease off on the routine.

So, I’ve been spending some time at the playground nearby. All the gear I needed, aside from the park, was my stop watch…..check. It’s been fun, being challenged and stretched some more, coming up with routines not including the gear. Truth be told, their are so many tools in the box to draw from, that it’s not too hard. But putting together a POD (prescrition of the day) that addresses the needs of the workout, without the gear you’re used to utilizing to acheive it, just helps keep the creativity flow. Which is a big part of the workouts, never doing the same thing twice (or at least a long time between repeating, we’re in week 6 and have done a different workout every single day), to challenge your body and mind, keeping it ready and alert for whatever may come your way.

POD’s have felt great and I don’t feel like I’m missing out. In fact, it opened the door to throw in another tool we haven’t been utilizing yet (which we will be from here on in), dips:)

Back on Sun.





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