Yes… Issues:)

28 05 2007

On my way out to my workouts, one of my best friends (who was my roommate at the time, 6/7 yrs ago) would ask me where I was off to. I would tell him I was “going to workout” and he d say “workout what, your issues? Off for a little therapy?”;)

Funny enough, I was reminded of that today. And what with the nature of Gym Jane and the workouts we do (intense, taking you to your limits in a very short period of time, allowing you to face your obstacles, physical/emotional/psychological, that open the doors to, in essence, honestly facing yourself on a regular basis… working out your issues) I can now actually answer that straight up as “Yes… issues. Wanna come and join me?”;)





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13 06 2007

This seriously made me laugh out loud!!! And I can guess who that roommate is too, DAYAN! His timeless phrase “Hard core or no core” also applies to these insane workouts that I feel I would have to study for a long time before being able to pull them off – they look like equations!!! That’s right profs, that’s right.

13 06 2007

LOL. Nice. You guessed right! with regards to the cryptic workout terminology, I should reedirate that as far as I am concerned the Davin chi Code would be easier to get through.

I use a dictionary called ‘Shane’ to figure it out. IN FACT: I ask him not to tell me that the workout is until its time to do it. I find it freaks me out when I find out.

I guess that means that I am the ‘no core’ in the bunch! 😉


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