8:42:39 (Part 1)

30 05 2007

Starting OffThis number might seem like nothing to the average person but when you are trying to find your way through a trail that has not been opened yet because it is buried under a couple meters of snow this number is a painful one. (it should also be said that the markers were under the snow!)This number is how long we hiked looking for Coliseum Mountain (outskirts of Vancouver, BC). It stands at 1440 meters above the sea level and it is rated for expert hikers. According to the leaflets at the park there are a few precautions that should be taken when on this trail: have a topographical map of the area, only trail during the summer and make sure to be ready for an intense 10 hour hike!Finding the HillSo… let revise what we had. We had a leaflet that told us what things we need to make sure to have, food and gear. I should add at this point that our gear for hiking is at the same stage as the gear for our gym. It is rudimentary at best. To illustrate my point, as part of my gear I was carrying a poncho!According to our calculations we were short on the requirements but given that we only red the leaflet when we were 4 hours into the hike, there was little to do about it.Keep on Walking!It was hands down one of the most demanding physical activities I have ever been involved in. Apart from the temperatures which ranged from a 16 c to close to zero at the top and the lack of proper gear, the terrain was quite demanding and traitorous. There were a couple of times where we were climbing straight up the side of the mountain and one of those was in snow! I should clarify that I LOVED this hike. It might seem that I was in constant pain* or that I was cold the whole time** or that we were lost,*** but I have a great experience.ae* YEP** MOSTLY*** Men NEVER Get Lots




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