8:42:39 (Part 2)

31 05 2007

Balancing Act!One of the main reasons I was able to do this was the workouts. Over the last 5 weeks we have done a lot of good things that have prepared me physically for this hike. This is every exciting for me since I am 31 now and I am doing some of the most physically/mentally demanding activities of my life and I thought that I would slowly become a couch potato :).The Snow of Spring!Back to the story. The first hour and 20 min was a slow incline through Lynn Valley. From there you hit the mountain straight on. It is like climbing a wall for 30 min. After that you have about 30 min of steady incline and then you meat the snow. This is where things changed… there was fog everywhere and our visibility was about 25 meters. This is normally not bad but if you don’t know where the peak is and the markers are under a meter of snow you depend on the visibility to find you way.Hanging by a ThreadWe reached a point were we found foot prints in the snow, which had most likely been there for less than a week, so we followed them for about 30 min until we reached a river. At this point the markers were on the other side of the river so we climbed down about 2 meters of snow to the bedrock of the river. Crossed the river by hopping rocks and then climbed another wall of snow on the other side! (I loved this part!)I was exhausted by now but we had decided to make it up to the top of theKneel to the Mountain mountain and we were not going to give up because we were tired! We followed a few more markers and then there was nothing. No foot prints. No markers. I guess this is the part of the story where I tell you that I have a compass in my watch and that if got lost we could follow our own foot prints through the snow (just in case you were worried).ClimbThe next logical step was to gain altitude. Although we did not know the path, we did know that our goal was to get to the highest place around, so we started climbing the side of the mountain again. This time through the snow. Actually, we used the snow to climb. We would punch wholes in the snow with our feet and gained on the mountain side one step at the time. THIS WAS VERY PAINFUL. Both me and Shane were stopping every few steps to let the muscles have a rest and then we would continue on.aeTo be continued…




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