31 05 2007

Among some of the challenges that I have faced over the last seven weeks, the greatest has been stretching. We do worm ups before our workout but we have left the stretching to be done at the end of the day to increase flexibility and improve circulation in the muscles (When I stretch at night my workouts are greatly enhanced!)The hardest part of doing the stretches for me is remembering to do it. I know that it sounds a little pathetic but when you have been at work all day, come home to play with the kids, put the kids to bed and cleaned up the house, ones memory has good reasons to have faded.Since I have never been a very disciplined person I have had to look for a structure to fit it into. So, now do my stretches during the commercial brakes while watching ‘Scrubs’ at 10:00 pm. 🙂 I know… even more pathetic!ae 




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