The Whole Picture

31 05 2007

The Whole PicWhen in search for a fitness regime that works for us (often based on what the guys and gals doing it look like;), generally, we tend to really focus in on the exercise program itself. We tend to overlook the other things that go along with it. Primarily diet and sleep. Then as we move thru the program and find ourselves not looking like those aforementioned guys and gals of idol worship, any number of things happens. We get discouraged and stop working out all together. We get pissed off, stating it doesn’t work and stop working out all together. We don’t question the validity of what we are doing, we don’t change, we just keep going…..for months, even years, waiting for our desired outcome to manifest itself (still with the same results).

So to ensure that we, here at Gym Jane, give you the whole picture, we’re going to elaborate, just a tad, on the other stuff we do outside of the workouts. Nothing complicated or anything, just the little extra’s that help make a difference.

Now remember, these aren’t the hard and fast rules. These are things that we’ve found work for us. And you may find, if you are able to incorporate them into your day to day life, that you’ll get more, not just out of the workouts, but out of what the workouts do for you.

For elaboration see: Diet, Stretch, Sleep





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