8:42:39 (Part 3) The End!

2 06 2007

Its NOT Cold!After about an hour and 20 min we reached a point where we would have lunch. There was a patch of trees that we stopped in to eat. While we were eating the fog cleared up a little. Just enough to let us see a big rock about 20 meter higher from where we were. We just about immediately packed our lunch and started digging our way up again (This was even more painful after stopping for a break).Fun on the Way Down!At this point we were reaching the turn around point. We needed to be at the parking lot by 9 (to make sure that we did not accidentally start a search party) and had to make back the way we came from! Sadly, we decided to turn around and start heading back. The truth is that we both felt that we had done our job at this point. We have fought the whole way up and were happy with what we had done.The ViewThe first step of getting back was to slide down the mountain side. The funny thing about sliding down the mountain was that it took us about 15 minutes to get down what had taken us the better part of an hour and a half – and the irony is that it hurt just as much as going up. Going down a very steep slop in the snow is awesome. Especially when you get to go fairly fast – this was no exceptions. I missed a couple of trees and once my feet got stuck, propelling me a few feet in the air and landing on my chest while flying down the hill! but all in all it was a great way to start the journey down (it definitely put smile on our faces!) Then we would have to walk through the trails again. When we got down to the river again we were able to see the top of the mountains in the area since the clouds had moved a little. When it happened we got an idea of what we had done. It was fairly high up and we had climbed most of it.The rest of the journey was exhausting as well but pace was the same. We were able to move thought the trails quite fast and we still had spring in our step. This was an awesome realization since this is directly as a result of the workouts.Over all this trip was awesome and both Shane and I are looking forward to getting to the top of Coliseum and figuring out where we got to before. I am sure it will be a funny story when we find out. Both of us think that we walked passed the mountain and scaled one behind it. I guess the moral of the story is that we are still not expert hikers since we did not make it to the top… and because I wear ponchos!The Pay Off!ae




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