Diet (Pt. 1)

3 06 2007

That word……Diet…..BLEAAAHH! It’s really unfortunate. Here’s a word that basically means “the food you eat”, your diet. Now I acknowledge that one of the definitions in the dictionary refers to “restricting the food you eat to lose weight”. But that’s gotta be new with the shift in how we use the word today. I don’t want to get into the technicalities, such as historically people went thru periods of restricted diets to lose weight or cleanse. That people fasted. I acknowledge all this, absolutely. What I’m referring to is the word “diet” and our automatic association with “go on a diet for 30 days and lose 25 lbs”. This has come with the ever increasing “quick fix” mentality of our society, which is just that, a quick fix, it doesn’t last.

Ok, rants over:) I just wanted to put out there, that when we use the term “diet” here, we are referring to the food you eat.

DinnerWhat you eat IS important and will be the difference between moving thru your workouts and day with clarity, a smile, productivity and energy to spare for your time with the family. Neither Chris nor I follow any strict diet regime. The closest thing we could be said to follow would be “The Zone” model (and that to varying degrees according to each our own needs). Check it out, some interesting stuff there. Try it, see what it does for you.

The gist of it is: split your plate into thirds, filling 2 thirds of your plate with Veggies (alternating thru various kinds each meal) and 1 third with protein (protein doesn’t always mean meat:). And make sure to have a dose of good fats (Omega’s 3,6,9, olive oil, almonds, avocado to name a few) with every meal. In terms of grains, they describe treating it as a condiment, in small doses. I usually sprinkle whatever we’re having, rice or noodles, etc on my veggies. Get most my grains anyway for breakfast (oatmeal) or bedtime snack (cereal). That’s it. Easy, simple…..right?

…..continue in Diet (Pt.2)


P.S. This is sub-post from “The Whole Picture”




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