Diet (Pt.2)

3 06 2007

Well, as with any change, too much or too drastic right away can be too hard. It often has the opposite effect of pushing us further into our old, less healthy eating habits. If you think you can do it all in one fowl swoop and make it last, then all the more power to ya. Otherwise, do it in small steps (just like the workout), build up to it. Ex: start by slowly decreasing the junk food you eat. Decrease soft drinks and increase water. Once you’ve got that down, then move into taking processed, bleached food out. You’llEat what you want naturally be looking for things to replace these. Do it, don’t worry if it’s right. Just pick something you feel is healthier, trust your instincts. Still enjoy your hamburgers on the weekend? Eat them. But make them from scratch and with fresh veggies as opposed to getting them from Wendy’s. As you continue this process and get to what’s actually on your plate, then start looking at those proportions. Start with at least ¼ of your plate filled with veggies. Gradually increase that, decreasing the amount of grains and starches. And so on and so forth. Don’t bother counting calories (unless you reeeaaally want to), we don’t. Use how you FEEL as your gage.

This is not about losing weight, because you will. This is about forming habits that will stick, making it just another regular part of your life. When it’s just another regular part of your life, it won’t drain you having to obsess about it all the time. It will free you to think and obsess about other more important things;). It is also a habit that will allow you to get the most out of the workouts and other activities you pursue.





2 responses

14 06 2007

Looks tasty. What’s that you’re eating?

14 06 2007

Frozen Chicken… on one of the sites he read that it was the best way to get his protein. I told him it was a bad idea but you can only take horse to the water! 😀


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