Diet (Addendum)

4 06 2007

It should be made clear that although I (Chris) have made some pretty big changes to my diet, it is me Shane is referring to when talking about Hamburgers and Wendy’s! Over the last few years I have been making an effort to change my diet in big steps and having a miserable time at it.Recently, I decided to eat what I wanted to eat (and I mean everything!) but in small quantities. I don’t focus on regulating what I eat but I just make sure that I don’t eat too much of it. This is hard in it self but it is easier that going cold turkey!I have also started to think more about foods that will give me the energy for the hikes and workouts. I also made a goal of taking pop out my diet! which is not the easiest thing for me but I replaced with juice. After a while of that I started watering down the juice so that I could increase the amount of water intake.Shane and I really want people to be able to share their challenges and victories since we are all together in this. Feel free to use the comment section to add to the discussion and for part of Gymjane! ae




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