7 06 2007

This is a hard post to write about because it is hard to explain what pain means. As part of our workouts, we have gone on weekly hikes to the mountains close to Vancouver. For those of you who have been here or hiked in these mountains, it should be easy to relate to the pain of hiking in steep mountains. If you have not had the chance, I am sure that there are plenty of times in your life in which you have felt pain!Over the last seven weeks, my definition of pain has changed, which in turn has liberated me from a lot of my challenges. I realized today while talking to some friends that physical pain helps me work through other challenges in my life. When I am in pain, I am forced to be in my body. I can’t forget how I feel because of the constant reminder.Today, while we were on our way up the BCMC trail, which arguably is not hardest trail around town but it does have its challenges, such as 1200 meters of elevation (Yikes! I did not know that until just now!). While claiming the mountain, I asked Shane how he was doing and he said that he had a little plain. And then it hit me – pain was not a big deal for him. Pain is not bad. Pain is just pain.As continued to climb the mountain, I realized that my muscles was still able to move up the mountain and that pain did not stop my body. It only made me want to stop.The moral of the story: The only two things that are for sure in life are pain and death (forget taxes!).aeto be continued…




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