Stretch (Pt.2)

8 06 2007

Stretch s.Start small🙂. Do 10 min, in the evening (as Chris mentioned) while watching your TV show, 3 times a week. If you can only put 10 min in, make the focus of your stretches your “core”. This includes abs, back, hips, glutes and Hamstrings. And then as you increase the time or the number of days (you can’t really overdo it with stretching, not where most of us are at anyway), move your way out to the extremities. One I would focus on as well is your shoulders (we demand a lot from them in this system of fitness). I would encourage anyone to check out Dragon Door and what they have to say on flexibility and Joint mobility. It’s different from the way we (here in the West at least) tend to think about it. And it makes a lot of sense.

If it helps, as Chris and I do for ourselves, rather than just focusing on the “being able to touch my toes” (which isn’t as much of a motivator), pick a quality you are trying to develop. And use the act of taking time to stretch to assist in developing it. Ex: developing discipline, commitment, patience or…..ok, ok, I’ll say it…..flexibility, to name a few.





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