Stretch (Pt.1)

8 06 2007

YogaSo stretching is one that gets talked about as something you should do, but not often elaborated on. Well okay, lets be honest, maybe it does get talked about in detail. It’s the connection between stretching and our brain paying any attention to it that gets lost. Why? Not sure. Probably because we tend not to be able to see anything tangible. Unlike exercising, you start to see some definition, a changing of the body, feeling the increase in strength (can put more weight on the bar) or cardio (longer distances, times). With diet, you lose fat, you start feeling more energy. With stretching it’s just so much more subtle (and much slower). Unless we’re doing the splits across two chairs or touching our head to our toes…..from behind……we don’t really notice or consider the increase in flexibility or its direct correlation to the exercises.

Well, considering that these types of workouts focus on body mechanics and practical movement, you’ll notice it, the need for the flexibility to accomplish the movement. Now, lucky us, because of this direct correlation, you are going to naturally develop a greater degree of flexibility and range of motion thru performing the exercise movements themselves. But taking a little extra time to stretch outside of the workouts has its benefits. It helps to flush the buildup of waste materials in your muscles (that occurs thru the workouts) and, stimulating blood flow thru the body, transports fresh, oxygenated blood to those torn, worked, tired muscles. This speeds up your recovery time, which inversely increases your ability to do more work more often, which increases the type of shape you get into and the benefits you get from that.

…….to be continued in Stretch (Pt.2)


P.S. This is sub-post from “The Whole Picture” 




4 responses

8 06 2007
Jessica Lantis

I’ve found yoga to be great stretching for my body. I always feel so good after doing yoga.

8 06 2007

Yeah, yoga is great! I tend to have a tight lower back and a routine that I’ve found super helpful is the “Opening” section in Rodney Yee’s “Yoga for Athletes”. I was directed to that when I heard that an uncle of mine had really bad knee’s and couldn’t run much until he started to do “Yoga for Athletes”. Now, knee’s are good and he runs all the time without trouble.
And a really great point, Jessica. You feel so good after stretching. It’s a wonder we don’t do it more!

10 06 2007

I loved your comments about how subtle the benefits of stretching are. Yoga is also my preferred form. Combined with the breathing, it both relaxes and energizes. Let’s do some stretching together this summer!

10 06 2007

You got it Debby! A little stretching now on the menu.

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