9 06 2007

Over the last year, I have been looking for gear for the hikes and encountered frustration! Last year I was able to find excellent boots for on sale and I was really happy but looking for jackets has been a different story all together. In Vancouver, we are lucky to have a good selection of stores from which to buy gear for hikes. There is even an area of in which there are at least 15 stores within a four block radius!ae in the woodsThe frustration comes from not being able to find affordable gear. 🙂 There are an incredible number of companies which produce great gear and with a variety of standards and pricing but that does not make it easier to find decent gear. The issue is the price/quality factor. I can Choose to have bad gear that will last a couple years for a reasonable price or get the stuff that will actually work and pull a second mortgage on the house!The other day, on the ride back from work, I saw a sign discounting up to 30% of Arc’Teryx jackets, so today I stopped buy to take a peek! OUCH! After the 30% it was still $450 plus! (and for those that have not been to Canada, we have to pay 14.5% sales tax on top of that) At this point I should admit that I might be cheap 😉 but I still like hiking!The question at the end of the day is what do people without the money do to follow their passions and hobbies? My solution is to do it anyway and get hypothermia!Any thoughts?ae




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10 06 2007

If you want to get a quality inexpensive jacket, come to Malaysia! I just bought a Northern Face (Chinese import) jacket for half the price I’d pay in Canada. I’m already thinking about all the great hikes we’re going to take this summer.

10 06 2007
Debby and Richard

Get to Hanoi man. That is where the make North Face. You can buy your ticket to Hanoi, buy a jacket, stay for 2 weeks, and still get a better price than Canada. Well, close.

10 06 2007

This is hilarious and sad since I was recently in Malaysia and saw some jackets while I was there but did not consider it seriously. Apparently a big mistake. 🙂

It seems like I will have to go to Asia soon to remedy this.

One this is for sure. Having the proper gear makes all the difference.

10 06 2007

Ok. I’m in. Let’s go back to Malaysia.

11 06 2007

A wise man once said: There is no bad weather just bad clothing…
I think the mayor of Vancouver should subsidize good outdoor clothing for us!

16 06 2007

Yo, there are people around Vancouver that are trying to make the hiking world a more affordable place. Deals can be found! Where is the shout-out to Specialties West, yo? I can’t help but notice that Shane is sporting his Icebreaker in every shot…

16 06 2007

Ahem….cough, cough….hi Katie. Well, being only too human, there will be times slip ups occur. So, Ladies and Gentlemen, consider this the official “shout-out” to Specialties West down at Granville Island. Last fall, Chris and I, in our preparation for hiking in the rainy winter of Vancouver, did a ton of research on gear and shopped around. The research was required because we were going hiking, rain or shine (mostly rain), and since we come from the Amazon and the Arctic (respectively), the west coast was a very new environment that neither of us was very familiar with. Unfamiliar as it relates to being in the great outdoors here. And we eventually made the majority of our purchases from Katie at Specialties West. We found some great deals and the service was top notch (Katie spent……or rather, patiently endured, 4 hrs with us as we put her thru the ringer about all the gear we were after, advantages/disadvantages, etc. and our questions as the gear related to hiking. She’s an avid hiker herself……….loves country music…….mmmmnn……Chinese food, travel and long walks on the beach;)
So go check it out, if you can’t find it, they’ll point you in the right direction.


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