Week 5 (May 14-20)

9 06 2007

DAY 1 (Circut)

c-WU-SJ + 2HSW (#26 KB) x 20

s-WU-SJ + 2HSW (#35 KB) x 20

WO- “Tag Team” (modified): TPL x 3 (alternate with partner) + PSU x 10 and KB SW (c-#26 KB, s-#35 KB) Swing until partner is done PSU and then switch. Did this for 3 rds. Time: 6:05

End: WM (c-#9 KB, s-#35 KB) 4×4

DAY 2 (Strength)

c-WU-SJ + 2HSW (#26 KB) x 20

s-WU-SJ + 2HSW (#35 KB) x 20

WO- Both do: C&J (#45 Bar) x 5, 2 rds, then Team PLU Ladder. This is where you switch off with a partner. Start w 1 PLU, then partner does 1, you do 2, then partner does 2, so on an so forth. Our ladders were:

c– 1, 2, 3 (ChU) s-1, 2, 3, 4 (PLU) x 3rds (2min R/rd)

End: Both do: RT (#45 Bar) x 5/side , 3rds

DAY 3 (Rest)

DAY 4 (Circut)

c-WU-SJ + 2HSW (#26 KB) x 20

WO- Sit/Stand/Slam (#5 Ball) x 8 + PSU (feet elevated) x 8 + FC (Dbl KB #35) for 50m, 4rds. Time: 9:49

s-WU-SJ + 2HSW (#35 KB) x 20

WO- Sit/Stand/Slam (#5 Ball) x 10 + PSU (feet elevated) x 10 + FC (Dbl KB #35) for 50m, 5rds. Time: 9:28

Note: Not sure what the actual name for Sit/Stand/Slam is. It’s taken from a combo we saw on a Gym Jones video called “The Captain” (Now there is some inspiration:). But essentially you start at the bottom of a sit-up (on your back, knees up) w the #5 ball up above your head (also touching the ground). You then bring the ball up and over, do a situp, from the situp stand, then slam the ball down on the ground hard as you do a deep squat, catching the ball as you roll back down into the situp position and start all over. Try to do it all in as smooth a motion as possible. Also, we didn’t end with any ab stuff ’cause you get quite the burn doing S/S/S.

DAY 5 (Power)

c-WU-SJ + 2HSW (#26 KB) x 20

s-WU-SJ + 2HSW (#35 KB) x 20

WO- “Tire Me Out” Flip the tire (we have a smaller tire from a truck). You want to squat down, power up thru the hips, with the goal of flipping the tire as many rotations/flip as possible. We were getting almost 1 1/2 rotations. Once the tire is flipped, jump over it (forward), then jump back over it (backwards). As soon as your feet hit the ground, turn around and sprint as fast and as far as you can before your partner counts to ten (partner should count as fast as possible). Repeat this for desired number. Switch of with yours. ae. partner each rd.

c– “Tire Me Out” x 5, 4rds

s– “Tire Me Out” x 6, 4rds

Note: Ouch. Having made this one up, we’d never tried it or had anyone else’s results to compare to. Ouch. One of the closest we’ve come to both wanting to puke. Ouch.

DAY 6 (Rest)

DAY 7 (Rest)

Hike on day 1 of week 6.




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