10 06 2007


TeddyLast but not least, of the “The Whole Picture” series, shut eye. Nothing all that complicated about this one. It’s important if you are going to incorporate this system of fitness into your regime, that you get sleep. Fortunately, it shouldn’t be too hard making the adjustment to getting to bed a little earlier. Doing these workouts, you’ll feel great throughout the day, but come night you’ll be ready to hit the hay. It’s important for recovery and continued success in your daily progress, partaking in a system such as Crossfit. Besides, it’s better for you to get your sleep. I’m not saying you should sleep more than you need, but in a society of a sleep-deprived population (self imposed), I think we could all probably use a little more. Me included. I am notorious for go-go-go on long stretches without sleep. I’ve been working on scaling back. Don’t get me wrong, there is great value in hard work and the ability to go hard for long stretches, but there is also great value in allowing for rest from our busy lives. Gives us the opportunity to rejuvenate (our body, our mind, our spirit), so we can tackle it all again with greater clarity and effectiveness.


Sweet Dreams!


P.S. This is sub-post from “The Whole Picture”




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11 06 2007

This posting is making me tired. I think I will take a long nap.

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