Pain – The Truth And Reconciliation

11 06 2007

I have discovered a new sense of pain in our exercise routines! Yeah! 🙂 It is called nausea! I am sure, that like me, you too hate throwing up, so I am sure you understand my instinctual feeling to stop working out to avoid discomfort.

The Truth

This is the first time that I have felt like I wanted to stop working out so since we started eight weeks ago. I have really enjoyed all the exercise over the last two months and have always felt better after each session but as we are starting to increase the intensity my body is starting to reach its threshold.I have started to wonder if I really want to be doing stuff that makes me feel ill – and I am pretty sure that most people would think the same. After all, I have never really wanted to be a super buff guys. I just wanted to be in decent shape so why go through all the pain?


Then came the question: Why is it that I am doing this? The irony was that it took me a few days to figure it out. The reason I started was to develop discipline! As soon as I remembered simple fact, I was back no track. My challenge is to finish what I start. I have to learn to focus through the hard times all the way to the end.Having a goal that is higher than image was the only that could carry me further than I have been before. I WANT DISCIPLINE!


PS: for all Halo fans! I can’t wait for Halo 3!!!




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