All Caught Up

12 06 2007

Alright, we’re finally all caught up with the POD’s! We’ll now post the POD’s at the end of every week. We just completed Week 8, the final week of this first cycle, yesterday. We are now in the test week. We’ll have a test week every 2-3 months just to see where we are at and gage our progress (as well as “keep it real”, gain some more humility and have an idea of what goals to set for the next round) . And for those reasons (and a bunch more I could list), it is important to test oneself. We did a workout this morning, two days from now we’ll do our “300 Jr.” and two days from then we’ll be doing a 10 hour hike thru the mountains.

Let the Good Times Begin;)





4 responses

12 06 2007

10 hours, hmmmmmmm.

12 06 2007

I know! I am freaking out!

13 06 2007

ok dudes, what is a pod?!? and 10 hour hike? sounds like you’re gearing up for the West Coast Trail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

13 06 2007

A POD……glad you asked:) A POD, or more specifically, a P.O.D. stands for “Prescription of the Day”. These workouts are an ingredient of the concoction we prescribe to ourselves each day, in the process of making us stronger, healthier, more vibrant members of life and humanity.
And don’t worry, Kadria, when you’re back here for a visit, we can easily arrange a 10 hour hike (I know you see that and are itching to go;)


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