In the Moment

13 06 2007

In waiting for the day to come to when we will do “300 Jr.” (tomorrow morning:), something that I’ve been reminded of, and is at the fore front of my mind the last couple of days, is the idea of constantly living in the present moment.

What brought that about was the anticipation of what is to come. And how that alone can wreak havoc in your head, increase your heart rate, interrupt sleep, _______(fill in the blank). We haven’t even done the test yet and already it takes a huge toll (you’ll see that Gym Jones makes huge use of that psychological aspect in the very make-up of their workouts). Then you have to ask yourself, “why am I flipping out or stressing or feeling exhausted when my body (or mind) is not yet even under the actual applied stress of the given circumstance (in this case the workout). Then you go thru that period of time leading up to it, distracted, tired, maybe moody. You are less effective in your decision making, less fun to be with, unable to contribute to or get anything out of what you are doing “right now”. You then have gone thru your days kind of half assing it, only to reach the actual event you’ve been anticipating, now tired and worn out, unable to put in the 200% you’d initially wanted to put in. Then that affects you and it just continues to snowball.

That brings us to what we hear all around us all the time. “Live in the moment” “Be in the now”. And I agree. If you are not fretting/regretting about the past or not worrying about the future, then you get to put all of your energy in what you are doing RIGHT NOW. You get a great sense of fulfillment, you feel great, others feed of that energy, you have no regrets and so on and so forth.

So just do it, right? “Yeeaahh, weeeelllll……….yeah…..yeah, okay…….”. And that reaction is exactly bang on. It’s not actually all that easy. And I hope that those who say to live in the moment are continuously STRIVING to do so (big finger pointed right back at “you know who”;). But man, living in the moment sure seems to make sense and feel like it would naturally lead towards a quality of life that we all wish to be living, a fulfilling life, one with a sense of accomplishment and achieved purpose.

And right here and now, I am also going to acknowledge the importance of looking at our past and learning from our experiences, looking into the future and having a clear vision of where we need to go. Some might ask “if you’re only looking in the “right now”, how do you ever move anywhere”. I agree. And I think that balance between learning from the past, envisioning the future and living in the now is totally achievable. Achievable thru the complimentary process of Action and Reflection. But that’s another discussion for another time.

For now, I’m focusing on living, right here, right now. And I’ll do the same when I’m in the middle of the “300 Jr.” (AAAAAAAAAAaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh………let me out, let me out, let me out……..AAAAAAaaaaahhhhhhhhh).





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