Do What You Can and Don’t What You Can’t.

14 06 2007

This is the first ‘Law of the Chris.’ It might see obvious (and even childish to say the ‘law of the chris’ but you should imagine the movie guy voice while saying the law of the chris!) but this is what has helped me through the streets of the last few years. I have stopped focusing on the stuff that I would like to do but can’t. It has forced me to be honest with myself about what I do and what I choose to do.

I aspire for more than I can do now and I have learned to make plans to achieve such lofty goals! (again… use the movie guy voice for lofty goals!) But this is the second ‘Law of the Chris’ is to make a plan and start working on the first item on the list. Part of this is to stop rethinking the plan over and over again. This was a hard one for me since I constantly wanted to fidget with the plan. Changing it. improving it! but in the end spending sooooooooo MUCH time on the plan that nothing got done and yet I was still exhausted!

So thus, I make a plan now and then give it at least a couple of weeks before making decisions on changes. This forces me to have deeper reflections based on experience and not conjecture while increasing my focus on the task at hand.

Which brings me to the last ‘Law of the Chris’ (you know what to do!). Do what you are doing right now! Which is simple only do what you are doing. Finish it and then and only then start something else. If you are ADD, like me, then you know how hard it is to focus on something without thinking about 10 other things at the same time but in learning how to resist the temptation I have been able to achieve greater things in less time.

Live is better under the ‘Laws of the Chris’ (just this last time… I had to get it in! ;).





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15 06 2007

I love this mantra, “do what you can and don’t what you can’t.” It’s actually helped me out with some of my goal setting of the last day or two!

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