“300 JR.”

15 06 2007

So as mentioned earlier, we completed the “300 Jr.” We’re going to show you what the actual “300” is and then what we did (so you have something to compare it to). You can also go to the Gym Jones site, go into “knowledge” and read the essay “300” to give you a more complete picture of what we are STILL working towards achieving (and the resulting journey of getting there).


PLU x 25 + DL (#135 on bar) x 50 + PSU x 50 + BJ (24″ box) x 50 + FW (#135 on bar) x 50 + KB C & P (#35 KB) x 50 + PLU x 25

The times, that people were doing them in, that I found, range between 14 min – 29 min.

This is the “300 Jr.” we did (which = 151):

PLU (rings) x 13 + DL (Dbl KB, #35’s) x 25 + PSU x 25 + BJ (24″ box) x 25 + FW (#45 bar) x 25 + KB C & P (c – #26 KB, s – #35 KB) x 25/arm + PLU (rings) x 13

The only unclear thing is the KB C&P. The description on Gym Jones says C&P x 50 with a #35 KB. It doesn’t actually say if the 50 means total (so 25 per arm) or whether it means 50 per arm. So we are playing it safe and saying it means 50 per arm.

And our times: c – 28:44 s – 18:49

Well, we know we’ve improved. Rather than doing half the work of the Gym Jones gang in double the time, we’re doing half the work in the times that they complete the full load in (see “The Name” for reference;).

Now aside from feeling nauseous and the occurrence of barf, we actually felt really good about the whole thing. Our original estimated completion times were between 30 min – 45 min. And we surpassed those. Physically, overall, we felt good and were recovering pretty quick. And for both of us, until we hit the C&P, we were cruising thru the test at a good clip.

Definitely the highlight of this test was watching Chris puke. Okay, not actually watching the guy puke, but watching him go thru that, recompose himself, refocus and complete the test like that incident never happened. It was a great example of the resolve, the discipline, the focus, the honesty and the willpower that these workouts have been developing.

Sidenote: Puking on a regular basis in your workouts is not a good thing. It means you’re over doing it on a regular basis, which means you’re trying to do way too much, way too fast and your body’s saying “Whoa”! Build up and increase your capacity slowly but surley, one step at a time. Save the puking for the tests. That’s where you go as hard and as far as you can to find your perceived limits and surpass them to your true limits. Then adjust your training program to expand your capacity (and your perception:)300 jr

Overall, it was a blast. It felt great to finally do it. We have left this test with a sense of accomplishment, a sense of growth and an invigorating energy that will take us into the next round (2 mths) as we plow on up the mountain towards “300”.




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15 06 2007

Glad you added in the puke story. It’s my favorite so far.

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