“The Humbler” & “Family Ties”

16 06 2007

Wanted to take the opportunity to write about our last two hikes. Mostly to highlight that, although they were small, they held just as much importance for us as the big long ones we go on.

BCMCFirst was the BCMC (at the end of “Week 7”). It takes anywhere between 1 and 1 1/2 hrs to get to the top of Grouse Mtn. along this trail. An hour, that’s it. And yet it finds a way of humbling us every time we get on it. We’ve gone on 8 1/2 hr hikes up Mtn. ‘s and felt, over all, pretty good by the time we were done.  We’ve been working out pretty intensely for 7 weeks. We’re feeling great and in much better shape than last summer, when we did the BCMC 4 or 5 times. Those hikes would take us about the 1 1/2 hrs to get up. Yet 10 min’s up the BCMC, we’re starting to breath hard. Long before we even feel like we should be having to push thru the climb and our own hesitations, we’re doing just that. And this is good:) A seemingly small hike that should be considered an easier day (comparatively to all the other stuff we’re doing). Yeah it’s a pretty steep climb all the way up, but that isn’t relevant. What’s relevant are our feelings towards it before we go up.  Then how those feelings change after we start. It keeps us honest. Keeps us humble.

Fam HikingSecond was the hike with our families in Lynn Valley (at the end of week 8). This was an hour and we went a total of 1km. In this hike lies one of the biggest reasons why we do all this fitness stuff and hiking.  Our families. The stuff we do helps keep us balanced, energized and growing, which allows us to put that much more into our families (among other things). And to have the opportunity to share with them something that we get so much from, resounds within the chambers of the soul. In nature, away from theBerry distractions and noise of the city and material world, the connection that binds families together can grow and be nurtured with such ease. And it’s ALOT of fun. Running thru the trees, looking for skunks (of all things:) in the bushes, splashing in puddles, taking a moment with every flower, berry and bug that crosses our path, listening to the river and the kerplunks of the rocks we throw in. This is all so relaxing and fun. It helps to remind us of the great treasures found in the By the river (Fam)smallest things, especially if we start getting too focused, during our hikes, on how far we went or how fast we got there. It reminds us of the fun we can sometimes forget to have.

Such great teachers, those kids of ours:)





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