Test Week (June 11-17)

18 06 2007

DAY 1 (Interval)

c-WU-SJ + 2HSW (#35 KB) x 20

WO- MedB toss (#20 MedB) x 1min (Throw ball back and forth between partners, anyway you like, continuously for 1 min) + S/S/S (#5 MedB) for 1 min + KB SW (#26) for 1 min. (partners alternate, while one swings, one S/S/S’s, then switch). Do this for 5 rds w 1 min R between each rd.

s-WU-SJ + 2HSW (#35 KB) x 20

WO- MedB toss (#20 MedB) x 1min + S/S/S (#5 MedB) for 1 min + KB SW (#26) for 1 min, 5 rds w 1 min R between each rd.

Note: This wasn’t particularly part of the “tests”, we just threw in the workout at the beginning of the week. Also, with regards to counting reps of S/S/S or KB SW during each 1 min rd, we didn’t. This was a “no-count” day, which just means we were accountable to no one except ourselves. Whether we put in our best effort or not, would be based solely on our honesty with ourselves. We don’t do these all the time, because keeping count is an important way of tracking your progress and most efficiently setting up your workouts to come, to keep that progress moving forward. But once in awhile, we feel, “no-count” days are a good test of your will, to do what’s right when no one else is watching.

DAY 2 (Rest)

DAY 3 (Rest)

Note: on these off days we do some SJ or stretching, just to keep the blood flowing and recovery happening.

DAY 4 (Test)

300 Jr.

c & s – PLU (rings) x 13 + DL (Dbl KB, #35’s) x 25 + PSU x 25 + BJ (24″ box) x 25 + FW (#45 bar) x 25 + KB C & P (c – #26 KB, s – #35 KB) x 25/arm + PLU (rings) x 13

Note: This type of workout is referred to, by GJ, as a Chipper. Also, see post “300 Jr.” for extra details on this day.

DAY 5 (Rest)

DAY 6 (Rest)

DAY 7 (Endurance)

c & s – Hike, Hanes Valley Trail, total time: 6 hrs, 46 min.hike

Note: So this was the 10 hr hike we were talking about. Everyone we spoke to, that had done it, said give yourself 8-10 hrs to complete this. When we looked at the map on the day, it actually said 7 hrs (HVT is considered a challenging route, as opposed to Coliseum Mtn., which is labeled an extreme route) to finish the 16 km hike thru the mtn.’s. So we got it done in under the 7 hrs………thru hazardous winter conditions (or so the signs said;).




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