The Haynes Pass

20 06 2007

Every time I hear the words “Haynes Pass”, it makes me think of Lord of the Rings. Yesterday, however, I felt like we were in the movie! Over the last 10 months we have been going on hikes that many times exceed my capacity in some way or another. They are not completely out of my reach but they are challenging enough that they require more than good physical shape.

Yesterday, as we clawed our way up an hour and twenty minutes of a compacted snow slope with an inclination of 45º to 75º, I felt like Frodo, wondering if he would ever get off the mountain. It is those times of complete commitment that one has little choice but to move forward. Regardless of the pain and with no easy out or alternate route. At that point, you are alone with yourself .

As my leg muscles started spasming uncontrollably and I felt light headed from exhaustion, I started to verbalize my frustration under my breath. Even at that moment, I was not talking to Shane in hopes to find comfort. It was just raw anger. I knew that I was alone in my mind and that it was simply an opportunity to learn the pain of following through to the end of a task.

There is always a level of challenge in the things we do but is the resolve commensurate? This is the question that I, like Frodo, had to answer.





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