Olympic Weight Plates

21 06 2007

the weightsThese are a must (at some point). You’ll want to introduce Olympic and power lifts into your routine as they are really important in building relative, functional strength. Now these lifts can be done with both the Olympic bar/weights and Kettlebells. Both add a very different  dynamic. But, unless you have whole collection of double Kettlebells, the bar will allow you to move thru them cheaper and more incrementally, to higher levels of weight. As Chris mentioned, some time was spent trying to get a good deal. But in the end, the place we were buying them from was competing in selling brand new weights with those who were selling them second hand. That and most people won’t sell them separately from the  other equipment they’re selling. So we bought them, at $0.48/lbs, from the fitness depot.




One response

6 10 2011

power lifts are not necessary due to the fact that they are bad on your joints.

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