The Dreaded Code

22 06 2007

the codeI’ve been meaning to address the “code” that is our workouts for a bit now, but we’ve finally had enough people comment on it that I need to make it a priority.

In all truthfulness, I’m not doing it to make it seem more complicated than it actually is. The workouts themselves are in fact really simple. It’s a few exercises done for a given time or number of repetitions. Our workouts last no more than 30 min. That’s it, done (that’s part of what makes this style of fitness so great). The reason for the code is expedients sake. When I had started writing out our workouts, I was writing it all out unabbreviated. And it was taking me longer than I could afford to spend on it (I’m not the world’s fastest typer unfortunately:). So I decided to go with the abbreviations. The difference was I was going to make sure I threw in an index for people to refer to. And within that reference, refer even further to other sources where it can most easily be found, with full out description on form, proper technique and videos.

When I started learning all this jargon a few years ago (originally with the kettlebell gang) it was a total foreign language. I felt the exact same way as most of you do. Difference was, there was nowhere for me to go for easy reference. I painstakingly read and researched thru all the various front doors and back doors and side doors to figure out what the hell they were all talking about. And slowly, but surely, over months, it started to make sense.

Now, the last thing I want is for my writing in the “code” to be an obstacle to your wanting to implement this in your day to day life and getting started. It would defeat the purpose. That being said, I think in all fairness, I’ve walked halfway. And I get the sense, if you are serious about wanting to implement something like this into your life, you’re also prepared to walk the other half and meet me in the middle. Think of it as the beginning of developing whatever quality you want to get out of the workout. For example, to sit down and take the time to learn it will take Discipline or perhaps Patience or Determination or Commitment. All qualities that we need to get thru the workouts. All qualities we need to get thru our lives, at their highest potential.

Thanks all for your continuous feedback. It’s great! It tells us that people find value in what we are sharing, which in turn keeps our excitement for Gym Jane going. Keep it coming.


P.S. Any suggestions as to how to make the “code” more efficient or easier to read (given everything above)? Let me know, I’d love to hear them. If it works, I will most definitely implement them. Thanks:)




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23 06 2007

Hey Shaner… yeah, I have a comment… not so much about abbreviations, but about yoga. somewhere on one of your entries you mentioned that you did yoga for a year before starting all this other stuff. have you completely cast it to the side, or do you incorporate yoga into your stretching times? I just wonder, as weight lifting, etc shortens your muscles, whereas yoga lengthens them… I’ve become a bit of a yoga fanatic and try and practice every morning in my own little “port” as you might call it! haha… anyways, just wondering what your insights were on yoga after having done it for a year a while back?

26 06 2007

Hi Kadria. Yoga has been a part of my fitness regime for the last 6 years. I’ve definitely found great value in it and continue to use it. Before starting with the kettlebell stuff a few years ago, I was doing alot of yoga (Bikram’s or “Hot” yoga) for about a year. The main focus in this was my rehab after reconstructive knee surgery. I did the yoga in combination with my gym
routine. But there came a point when my body was just telling me, “enough”. I just felt like I’d hit a plateau with what the yoga was doing for the progress of my knee. It happened to come around the time I was getting into kettlebells. Now the yoga was really great. It helped me gain flexibility and strength back into my knee. But the results I saw (and continue to see) from doing the kettkebells, in terms of range of motion, stability, increased flexibility, strength, was pretty amazing. I guess that’s why I may have come across a little strong and sounded like the yoga didn’t do anything (which is not true). And yoga has continued to be a part of my stretching routine (albeit on a smaller scale).

Now just some thoughts to throw out there:

What if stretching (or lack there of) is not about the lengthening or shortening of muscles, but rather the training of your neurological pathways to allow your body to “be flexible”. (Take a peak into “Relax into Stretch” at Dragon Door).

And what if you don’t really want your muscles (or tendons or ligaments) to be lengthened? What if doing so makes your body less of a “coiled spring” and more of a “flowy scarf” (I hope that analogy works:). Think of holding both at their ends. A spring can be pulled a great deal farther than it’s current position and more often than not bring you back before reaching it’s limit. The scarf is already at it’s limit and if put under the stress of being pulled, will tear. Or if you let up just before it tears, just collapses on itself, not being able to support anything (ie your joints). Just some stuff to think about.

Of course, all that being said, I’m still a fan of yoga and I think it’s great that you do it regularly. Just because we ascribe to Crossfit and Gym Jones (for now) doesn’t mean that’s all that we think works or is worth while doing. Because Gym Jane is not actually about Crossfit or Gym Jones. It’s about finding some form of physical fitness that allows you to be physically active on a regular basis, which serves as a tool to learn and grow from on a mental and spiritual level, continually bringing you closer into balance and the positive effect that has on your life.

Great to hear from Ya!


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