Naming Conventions

26 06 2007

hanes 10One thing to keep in mind when thinking about Gym Jane is that we like to have fun while doing what we do. Gym Jones talks about discipline and Crossfit has a wicked form but we have taken what was useful for us and added what we needed to make it work.

When I was looking at the name page today, I realized that it was the same with the names. It might seem like we are mocking Gym Jones but in our minds it has always been about taking something and adapting it to fit our work out needs.

Case in point was the ‘Turkish Get Downs’ I am sure that many people find the getting up hard but for me the getting down is the bigger challenge. There is a lot more concentration to make sure that all muscle groups are doing the right thing… while dizzy and with 26 lb a foot above you head.

Fam HikingAbout the 300! We are still working up to being able to do the whole thing but I don’t feel its our most important goal any more. I think there are higher things to aspire to.




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