Tabata This!

2 07 2007

So Shane is out of town again and Gym Jane is in my hands AGAIN! As Shane ran out the door he quickly told me “Tabata squats with the 35!” The first thought through my head was… I can’t wait! That night however, I played games with some friends until 4:30 am. It was a lot of fun but boy did it hurt the next day. It was the first time that I have stayed up that late to play games in years and it was a sharp reminder that I am only getting older! OUCH!

So when the time came to do the workout… hmmmm… ahhh… I could not do it. My body was done. I got up at 12:30 pm and dragged my feat for the rest of the day. Anyway, today I am back on track. I am about to do my workout and I think I will add a little extra on the abs just to make up for the slacking.

The moral of the story was to remember that structure in my life was created by working out regularly and that structure has empowered while providing me with the base from which to jump from.

BurpitSo I intend to tabata my workouts. 1 work out some rest and then another workout. This is what discipline is. Not only do I show it while in my workouts. I make sure to make the choices in my everyday life that will not limit my ability to workout!





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