The Ghetto Gym

3 07 2007

This morning, while I was putting all the weights away, I thought for a moment that it would be nice to have proper places for our equipment, such as a rack for the weights. It would be so much easier and faster if all the equipment was just in one room and we could quickly access it without having to do anything.

SprintBUT then! I realized that I would be in a gym… and in one of those gyms with towels and fancy amenities. The monetary implications alone would be prohibitive (way too expensive)! but what would be worse is that they would be pushing ‘body image’ on me! I would also be socially forced into purchasing extra services to keep up with friends and needing to create a new social network. All this so that I can workout!

gym-3.jpgThe more I do exercise, the more I realize that it is an activity that is meant to help one’s body and mind and not means for social acceptance. As a consequence, I quickly was brought back to reality. Gym Jane is really what I want! A gym where I have to bring the weights out in absolute silence every morning and set everything up in such a way as to not wake up the kids. And again, at the end, bring all the equipment back in stealth mode to keep the peace of the house.

The back alley gym is were I need to start to learn some of the most important lessons and here it were I will continue to learn and grow.





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3 07 2007

love it!!!!

3 07 2007

This was one of the main reasons that I chose running as a fitness activity. I quietly put on my shoes early in morning, sneak out the door, and then there I am. It is like in the long healing prayer saying here am I , here am I. I had that feeling crossing the finishing line at the Victoria Marathon. The last few meters tears started to well up, because despite that fact that I had been fired, I was still there fully. It said to me, Here am I, Here am I.
Well done. It is the same fight I had a year ago with a few pe teachers when they tried to introduce heart rate monitors into aerobic classes. I just said let the kids feel their bodies and respond to their body rather than to a machine.

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