5 07 2007

17:53 is how long it took me to do a circuit this morning. But I thought that I would be able to do it under 10 min! So… I guess I have not reached my goal of great strength and endurance. It must seem that I am obsessed with time! Half of the titles I have written start with time. 🙂

c ChUThere was disappointment when I was done. After all Shane can do it… why can’t I. ‘Wait a minute!’ I had to stop myself there. I had to ask myself the same question I ask every time. Why am I doing this? and then I remember the purpose of it all. I have learned discipline and now I am learning honesty. If I really want to be able to have discipline I have to be honest. Plus, if I wanted to show off to other my endurance and strength I would not bring doing it at Gym Jane.

My competitive nature gets away from me sometimes and it tries to make me compete with people who have committed years of their lives to something. And even though that has helped to achieve things that most don’t attempt, I am learning to balance it a little with reality.

hanes 12To be honest with myself, I need to pause and take a moment to think about my achievements in 13 weeks – which have been substantial. Then, and only then, it might be ok to sometimes use benchmarks of those who have demonstrated excellence, as goals for my achievements.

I wake up and try hard. That is all I have.


PS: forgive Shane for the last entry… he is just gitty because summer has finally arrived in Vancouver!




3 responses

5 07 2007

great posting. You are obsessed with time because you are so amazingly awesome in space.

7 07 2007

I can really relate with the competion obsession. I think that’s why I tend to shy away from competitive sports, because it makes me obsessed. I think for me, it all goes back to wanting to be accepted and have approval from others, which is my main issue that I’m trying to work through right now.

7 07 2007

By the way, that is a fantastic workout photo of you Chris! (And I still think that you guys should put the full photo in the blog, but that’s just cause I love photos!)

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