Chasing Pain

11 07 2007

Up PainMost of our lives we are constantly trying to get away from pain, but pain is just a part of life. Without it there would be no way of knowing how good things could be. Let me stop here before it gets too cheesey! I heard a friend tell me recently that in Russia, they looked at him weird when he complained because it was silly to fuss about things you could not change…. I have to admit that it made me stop and think.

Valleys and MountainsSo what does this all have to do with discipline? Well, over the last few weeks, the requirements for our hikes have been increasing. Our last hike was 8:35 min! We were lucky this time to be joined by my father-in-law, who is in his 50’s and runs marathons! So the idea of this hike is to gain about 1000 meters of elevation, then walk in the snow for an hour, loose about 600 meters of elevation and then gain about 800 meters of elevation (not to mention walking back they way you came from.)

Richard and Shane at CrownIf you are still wondering where pain and complaining come into the equation, I am sorry, I might have not fully conveyed the extent of the situation. So first you go up PAIN and then you walk through PAIN and then you walk down a slope(and all you can think about is the PAIN of going up the slope on the way back) and then you go up PAIN and then you walk back they way you came from.

What I discovered on this hike was the need for self-restraint. I needed to take control of my emotions and while still being exhausted, not allowing myself to complain or loose focus of the goal. At this point enters patience since it is what you need when things don’t go your. I also figured out that I need to have more fun and stop hurrying to get home to the family.

Crown MountainIt seems that time and patience don’t seem to be able to coexists peacefully. If one is overly concerned about time or in a hurry, it becomes next to impossible to be patient. So when I stopped being in a hurry to get home and started to be ‘mindful of my thoughts’, the hike became fun and I had less pain.

I guess the moral is that our reality is created by our thoughts and thus complaining can only bring us down.





3 responses

11 07 2007

This is a very inspiring entry. I’m learning a lot from you.

11 07 2007

There is nothing quite as joyous as sharing 8 hours of pain with your son-in-laws. And there certainly is a lot of joy in talking about how much pain you have after the fact.

12 07 2007

Regan guilfoyle once said: Pain is only weakness leaving your body.
You guys are inspiring me too!

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