Learning to count….

17 07 2007

This morning, as part of our workout, we were to do Renegade Rows, 5/arm. Chris in his enthusiasm powered thru and did 10/arm on the first round. I responded with”……uuhhhh…” and Chris said “did I not do enough, here I can do a few more”. I went “no,no,no….you actually did more then you needed. And that’s okay, you looked strong doing them. So we’ll do 10/arm…..you’ve set the pace”.

On the third (and final) round, just before Chris was to do his last set of Ren. Rows, this is what was heard…….”this is it right? (breathing really hard)………and 20 more of these (10/arm) (breathing hard)……..I really have to learn how to count…….” (as he grabs a hold of the KB’s and starts to power his way thru;)





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