Quality = Honesty (Pt. 2)

20 07 2007

quality sThere is often talk of the physical benefit of working thru the full range of motion (which there is), but we don’t often hear about the carry over it (or the lack there of) has in our daily lives. When we train, we develop habits. Those habits carry over. If we are honest with ourselves and where we are at in our training, that will translate into being honest with ourselves and where we are at in our life. We then have a much clearer picture from which we can move forward. And it doesn’t stop there. It starts this domino effect. When honest with ourselves, our actions are no longer motivated by our need to please, impress, overpower or compete with others. They are motivated from inside us, by our desire to improve upon our current state or condition, based on the measuring stick that is essentially ourselves. Working based on THAT measuring stick, whether anyone is watching or not, detached from what the result means to others, develops integrity. A strong sense of honesty and integrity builds confidence in ourselves and who we are as a person. Confidence leads to strength and courage. This allows us to then leave ourselves alone and open up to those around us, without judgment or defensiveness. Patience, understanding and respect start to flourish. And because we started off with honesty, we also find humility, recognizing the lessons we learn from others and how much more we still have to discover as we travel along our path. Cooperation, service, enthusiasm and purposefulness become an invigorating part of our lives. A domino effect. Who would have thought cutting corners in ones workout could have deprived us of ALL this.





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21 07 2007

Hi guys,
Wow, the amount of reflection that has come out of your exercise regime is very inspirational and I would love to take part in it. I have been running regularly for awhile but I would like to challenge myself in a different way. I would like to join you guys one morning and see how it goes. I am totally game to do what it takes!!! I also have some questions to ask, so hopefully we can get together one of these days. Send my love to the fam and see you soon.

Take care,

21 07 2007

Absolutely:) Let’s connect this week and find a time that works for everyone. We would love to have you with us. See you soon.


23 07 2007

So true. Over the last few weeks I have been becoming Joe and I now realize why I have had such a hard time with training.

Good insight,


25 07 2007

I am trying to connect what you are saying in your workouts with your experience on the weekend of being in the woods. The purpose in your hike was to be able to get to a place for meditative work, but the experience turned out to be surviving and coping with the cold. Honesty is the coldest of all emotions because in order to be honest, you have to put the truth outside of yourself so that you can see it. We say cold, hard facts, for instance. So your posting and your hike are about things that are cold.

It seems to me that, though you were writing about it, and though you had to face it on the hike, it isn’t the virtue you need right now. Honesty is in the constellation of virtues that allow to have guidance in your life, but the hike tells you that bearing the cold is no longer necessary.

If coldness is not what you need, then maybe the virtues around warmth are calling you which are more relational. This is why you can’t do exercise alone anymore. You have people wanting to join in gymjane, soccer, group hikes. You may not need guidance, but may need love.

Just more random thoughts.

25 07 2007

coldness and no sleep- so now you need warmness and lots of sleep 🙂 Lets move to hawaii and open up a B &B !

26 07 2007

Mmmmm…….hawaii……B&B…….surfing……huuuuuuhhhhhh. I’m in;)

26 07 2007

Thanks Richard, hadn’t thought of it quite that way.


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