Taking a Break!

8 08 2007

breakSince we started, a big emphasis for me has been to build discipline. In fact the single purpose of starting Gym Jane, for me, was to learn discipline. And so I did – I think?!? 🙂

Through the process I have been learning a lot of other things that have made my life so much better. My focus has increased and my mental clarity has increased. The issue came when I was starting to become exhausted. We have quite a lot of the family visiting us over the summer and while getting to bed late and having fun all the time, I was getting really tired.

I spent a few weeks feeling like I needed a break from the workouts – and life in general! 🙂 During this time I pushed myself to do the workouts because I was afraid that if I stopped, I would loose my discipline. I spent two weeks debating what to do.

Then the realization came! If I stop working out a few days to take a break and don’t pick it up again, can I say that I ever had discipline? So if I really have discipline, I should be able to take a break and come back to the workouts without a problem. The issue was that I believed breaks to be opposite of discipline.

And so I have. I took a four day break and jumped right into it again! When I got sick and had to stop for another four days, I returned even more excited than I was at the very beginning of all this.





3 responses

8 08 2007

way to go chris, you leaped through your issue and made it to the other side, or shall I say rested through your issue and made it to the other side!!!

9 08 2007

I have so missed your postings. It is like being because you so model truthfulness to me. What a great time we had. I am going to write about our hike in my school blog today. Miss you a lot.

14 08 2007
Week 14 (July 16-22) « NOT GYM JONES!

[…] Note: Chris and I spoke this day and decided we were going to take the rest of the week off (just do some Super Joints on our own time). Between work, family and all the activity that was going on with having everyone here, we weren’t getting much sleep. We both recognized that we were starting to fatigue and feeling the potential for burnout. Chris wrote a great post about some thoughts on taking the break. It’s called “Taking a Break” […]

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