300 vs Our Goals!

13 08 2007

300Soon after we watched the movie 300 we were very excited to start a workout program and what later became Gym Jane. I must admit that it came from the master mind of Shane and I was mostly excited about the awesome body. Ultimately, it all changed for me and that is when I became interested in discipline.

The interesting thing about it all was that we still had the goal of doing he 300 test from Gym Jones. We had originally given our selves 9 weeks to prepare but soon we realized that we would need more time given that we were not able to workout for 2 hours a day. At the end of the 9 weeks we did the 300 jr.

The idea then was to do the 300 after another 9 week cycle. As we approached the halfway mark of this new cycle we started to realize that we were not so interested in the test anymore but preparing for the test seriously limited our workouts. Most, if not all, of our routines were set to prepare us for the 300 test, which meant that we not really doing all the things that we wanted.

boysSo about a week ago as we talked about the next test we realized that we did not need to continue doing 300 preparation only. We have decided to take a 4 week program which will focus on ‘shed.’ After that we will be continue to prepare our selves for the 300 test which we plan to do some time in the future.

Shane always says shed but I think what he is really saying is that I have to loose some weight! 😉 Just kidding. In the next few days I will be posting something about my weight over the last 17 weeks.





2 responses

14 08 2007

So maybe you ought to be thinking of what the 300 would look like if it were a gym jane test not what gym jones does. I think your group is not gym jones, eh? Congratulations on your new recruits. A buff house.

15 08 2007

Richard, that’s a really great point. I think we will take a look at what a Gym Jane “300” test would look like. Because, yes, we are Not Gym Jones. In fact, I think it’s definitely apparent how not Gym Jones we are. Though we most certainly gained some of our inspiration from them:) But finding our own “Test”, I think, will definitely come about as we continue to grow and evolve and continue to build a stronger sense of our identity and what we’re about.


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