Week 13 (July 9-15)

13 08 2007

DAY 1 (Circut)

c-WU-SJ + 2HSW (# 35 KB) x 20

WO- PLU (rings) x 4 + Dbl KB PPr (#35’s) x 10 + Sprint 50m, 4rds Time: 10:23

End: FK x 40 total, 4 rds

s-WU-SJ + 2HSW (# 35 KB) x 20

WO- PLU(rings) x 6 + Dbl KB PPr (#35’s) x 15 + Sprint 50m, 4rds Time: 8:52

End: FK x 40 total, 4 rds

Note: Made a change to how we count the Flutter Kicks. We were doing them as a 4 counts/rep, but it was getting confusing on the calculations. We will now just count each kick as a rep.

DAY 2 (Power)

c-WU-SJ + 2HSW (# 35 KB) x 20

WO- Dbl KB SW (#35’s) x 5 + BJ (24′) x 15, 5 rds, R 2min/rd.

s-WU-SJ + 2HSW (# 35 KB) x 20WO- Dbl KB SN (#35’s) x 10 + BJ (24′) x 15, 5 rds, R 2min/rd.

DAY 3 (Rest)

DAY 4 (Obstacle Course)

Clean #45 Sandbag to one shoulder, run from carport, up the stairs, to the end of the deck, put Sandbag down and Clean to other shoulder , come back down stairs and to the carport. Grab two #35 KB’s and Farmer Carry to the front yard, around the kid’s swing set and back to carport. Grab Sledgehammer and (thru a full range of motion) pound the tire, 10/arm (total 20). Then jump the fence, sprint to the second telephone pole down the alley, touch it, sprint back around to the back gate. Jump over the gate 5 times.

Do all this for 3 rds non-stop. Time: c-9:14 s-6:30

Notes: We’re weren’t concerned with measuring out the distances. We just set something up that was varied and we knew would give us enough of a challenge. And fun! Because it was:)

DAY 5 (Strength)

c-WU-SJ + 2HSW (# 35 KB) x 20

WO- DL (#125) x 5 + PLU (rings) x 3, 5 rds, R 2min/rdthe boys

End: WM (#26 KB) x 3/arm, 5rds

s-WU-SJ + 2HSW (# 35 KB) x 20

WO- DL (#125) x 5 + PLU (rings) x 5, 5 rds, R 2min/rd

Note: I was pretty fatigued this morning as I was up until 4am working the night before. I still got up to workout, but being tired, I must not have been paying as much attention to form or muscles were too tired to properly tighten up. I pulled something and could not continue the deadlift’s after 2 sets. I still completed my pull-ups, but also avoided the windmills.

Kevin– Kevin is Chris’s younger brother and is visiting from China. He joined us this morning for some exercis.

WU-SJ + 2HSW (# 26 KB) x 10

WO- PSU x 5, R 30 sec, SQ x 15, R 30 sec 3 rds

End: ABW x 3, 5rds

DAY 6 (Rest)

DAY 7 (Fun in the SUN:)

Fam CampWe were away camping over the weekend with both our families, our in-laws and Chris’s parents and brother. We had a blast! It was a first for the kids:) We’d originally had a workout planned for Sunday. It was basically going to be sprint swim out to the buoy line and back and then do 10 burpees on the beach. Do all that for 5 rds (non-stop). But when that day came, between packing up camp and getting to the beach before heading home, we opted to spend that time with the kids, which was great. I think they had a really great time. Picking berries, swimming, making fires, roasting marshmallows, did I mention swimming and going for walks. I swear they just ran around nonstop the entire weekend (which means we were runningthe pit around non-stop the entire weekend;). It was a really great reminder of how restricted kids can feel living in the city(watching them, I felt like they were breathing for the first time) and how important it is to get away every so often, whether camping or hiking, to let out the antsy bugs that build up from being somewhat restricted within the confines of city limitations (eg: fences, roads with tons of traffic, etc.)




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