Evolution of a Gym…..and a Family:)

15 08 2007

chr supWith the ladies joining us, it is an evolutionary step in Gym Jane. We could have had 10 other people exercising with us and it would not have taken us to the new stage that this will. Why you ask? Not just because we’ve got kids….but because we’re all part of the same family! Erika and Juliet get up with the kids on our workout mornings, so we never had to worry about that. Of course, by virtue of short exercise duration, Chris and I get our workouts in and can still help get the kids ready for their day beforeerka we’re off to work. But now with all four of us getting our workouts done in the morning, because realistically it’s the only time we all have energy, we are going to have to adjust and as a family to ensure that the kids are taken care of and nothing throws them off their regular routines, as we isaalso take care of our needs and the resulting growth that comes from that. Now grant it, we’ve had Olee (my son) and Isabella (Chris’s daughter) joining us most mornings, watching and hanging out while we workout, but they’ve always had the flexibility to go in when they wanted. So now we’ll be doing it in two segments, Chris and I a little earlier in the morning and then the ladies. That way we can switch off with the kids.bubba

And what’s really neat about all this is that Chris and I started all this, as PARTS of our families, to ensure that we were able to take care of our physical, mental and spiritual fitness, which then resulted in our ability to put greater energy into our families. Like we say in our little description to the right there:
“Gym Jane: A place for people with families to find space for physical, mental and spiritual fitness”.

huliWhere the evolution comes in is now rather than, as PARTS of the family, “a place for ‘people with families’” to find that balanced fitness, we are “a place for ‘Families’ (as in the WHOLE family) to find space for physical, mental and spiritual fitness”. Quick note here; I’m not saying that by taking part in Gym Jane, Erika and Juliet will now gain physical, mental and spiritual fitness. As a family, we all have been moving together on the mental and spiritual fitnesssh and ol path, Juliet and Erika being miles ahead of us in those departments;) But now they’ll get to bring about that balance by addressing their physical fitness, as well. And the result and greatest benefit of all of us, as parents of children, treading this balanced path, will be the unconscious, but strong, foundation being laid for our kids. And this will hopefully put them light years ahead of us as they become contributing members of this global society.





2 responses

15 08 2007

You just solved all the worlds problems. If all the world could workout in the mornings with their families and be as self sacrificing as you are, the world would be a much better place!!! Thank you!!!!

18 08 2007

This is one of the most exciting things I have ever seen. Congratulations guys. You are awesome. I am sure that you have already begun to think about gymjane for the kids which really means fitness activities everyday that develops strength, coordination, flexibility, endurance, and the love of activity. Great job.

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