Expanding Our Vocabulary

15 08 2007

So this morning was the first morning that Chris, Erika, Juliet and I all worked out. Chris’s younger brother Kevin also joined us. And of course some visiting by the kids:) Get all these people together and the “Moments” come in droves.

I was teaching Kevin the proper form and execution of the jerk. I said “this one’s called a Jerk”. Kevin, in his best defensive, South Park voice, responded with….”You’re a Jerk…”:)

Chris and Kevin were heading in after we were done our workouts and Olee came out as Erika and Juliet were getting ready to start their workout. He saw Kevin heading upstairs and said “Kewin…exercise…” The boy’s just a year and 3/4’s old.

Also during the transition between the two workouts, Diego came charging out the door (this was the first time he’s been out with us during the workouts). He was so excited, laughing and screaming. He immediately ran over to the two 35 lbs kettlebells and (with perfect squat form, little kids are amazing that way) tried to lift them. As he did that he said “Ooooooo……hewy” (translation: heavy). This boy is just a year and a half:)

I told the ladies we were going to start with Super Joints (the joint mobility warm-up we do) and Olee, without hesitation and smiling up at his mom and aunt, started doing arm circles and rotating his hips….

As Juliet was doing a Turkish Half-Up, Olee squealed with delight “Mama…….. kededubedubell”! (translation: kettllebell:)





3 responses

15 08 2007

This is so hilarious. It was hilarious as it happened and just as much to read it again.

Shane, you’re an amazing personal trainer. I’m so excited to have joined Gym Jane and be working out now.

I know you’ve heard me say this to you before, but you would be so successful as a personal trainer professional (as a fun on the side thing, of course, not while you’re acting, but you could make a lot of money from it, I’m sure!)

29 08 2007

This is awesome. You folks keep up the good work!


29 08 2007

This is awesome. You folks keep up the good work!


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