Week 16 (July 30-Aug. 5)

15 08 2007

DAY 1 (Interval)

c– Off

s-WU-SJ + 2HSW (# 35 KB) x 20

WO- Tabata Swings Score: 11

End: WM (#35 KB) x 3, 5rds

DAY 2 (Chipper)

c & s– PLU (rings) x 10 + DL (#115) x 15 + PSU x 30 + BJ (24′ Wall) x 35 + FW (Dbl KB #35’s, #70 total) x 20/side + C & P (#35 KB) x 15/arm + PLU x 10

Time: c – 20:07 s – 12:55

Note: A chipper is essentially what the 300 test is. It’s a series of exercises that you get thru as quickly as you can. And because they are not in the format of a cycle, they tend to be a longer more extensive series. Then you “chip” away at it until you’re done, hence “Chipper” (at least that’s what I always thought they (at Gym Jones) meant by it, haven’t actually found a description). So this was a kind of mini 300, as we modeled all the exercises after it. Gave a sense of where we were at, with 3 weeks to go before our actual “300” test. We both felt great after it. This was actually pretty close to the “300 Jr.” we did (with decreases in some areas and increase in others). The big difference was how we felt afterwards.

DAY 3 (Rest)

DAY 4 (Interval)

c-WU-SJ + 2HSW (# 35 KB) x 20

WO- MedB Toss (#20) for 1:20 + S/S/S (#5 MedB) for 1:20 and 2handed KB SW (#35). While one was swinging, the other was doing S/S/S. After the 1:20, we then immediately switched for another 1:20. 5 rds total, R 1:20/rd

We did keep score this time. The score is the number of reps done in whichever round you did the lowest in.

For the Ball Toss our score was 34 (tosses)

For the Swings it was: c -22 s – 32

For the S/S/S it was: c -12 s -22

DAY 5 (Rest)

c – Sick (food poisoning)

s – Off

Note: Chris was out of town for the weekend and was going to continue with his workouts. Unfortunately, the lad got food poisoning.

DAY 6 (Strength)

c – sick

s -WU-SJ + 2HSW (# 35 KB) x 20

WO- Dips (rings) x 6 + Dbl KB SN (#35’s) x 8, 5 rds, R 2min/rd

End: FK x 20, 5rds

DAY 7 (Rest)




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