16 08 2007

shAt the end of week 16, we had scheduled a re-assessment to see where things were at and our progress towards accomplishing “300”. Looking at our current fitness level, we saw that we were not yet there and that to be there in the next 3 weeks was unrealistic (for us). The main exercise we still needed to build our capacity in was the deadlift. To be able to pull 135 lbs 50 times is not quite within our reach. Personally, I think we could probably do it, we just wouldn’t be able to jump…….well, at all, in order to complete the Box Jumps afterward;). We talked about whether we needed to do the actual “300” test or whether we would just want to adjust certain weights to within barely reachable goals and make that our “300” test. That was very quickly squashed as we both knew neither of us wanted to compromise on the standard of this particular goal. It was something we set for ourselves and something we want to see thru to the end (although it is not the main focus. Our main focuses are the qualities we develop along the way. “300” just gives us a direction to move in).

That means we’re going to need to extend our projected goal. And coming to that realization, did result in a tinge of feeling daunted. It can be tough when you shoot towards something and you can’t quite seem to get there. And when it feels like it keeps getting farther away from you, it begins to get difficult to find the motivation to follow thru and attain it. This, in and of itself, is a small test, but a test on two different levels. On one level it’s a test of the goal itself and the level of importance it plays in your life. Because there are times when the goals we are working towards are in fact not that important to our overall wellbeing and forward progress. And then of course there are those times when they are. Then it becomes a test of the strength of our character and our ability to draw on those reserves deep within us, to persevere and to accomplish the goal. Recognizing the difference between the two? Well wonderfully, although we can always bounce ideas off of and get insight from others, that is only something we can each, in the end, answer for ourselves individually.

So we are going to step away for about a month (different type of workout with different goals), before returning to a more focused effort in accomplishing “300”.

Stay tuned……🙂





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16 08 2007

It should be noted that our resolve is not diminished! We are just adjusting our time expectations! Plus: once you have the body there is no where else to go! 😉

16 08 2007


Are y’all using regular iron plates, or do you have bumper plates for these deads? I ask, as being able to lower the weight more quickly makes that portion more doable. Something to think about. You could see what I am taking about by using a rubber pad under the weights (better for power output if you aren’t standing on it) to lessen the ‘chunk!’.


16 08 2007

Craig, thanks for the suggestion. Before we got started on deadlifts, those babies (the bumper plates) were the first thing we looked at. Unfortunately, a little outside the budget for the time being, so we do use regular iron plates. And I’ve made some home made pads that we use. Out of principle, we don’t “lower” the weight completely, but you know, we may still be a little too gentle with it. I think we’ll start putting focus on just letting it drop and save more of the exertion of control on the lift and see if that makes a difference.

Thanks again for the input and suggestions, really appreciate it.


17 08 2007

Well looking at your posting and also what I have been thinking about lately I just remember that before I went to Brazil I used to get injured all the time when training extensively for races. Then when I got there, I did what they do I guess. I took my time by doing a lot more slower build up type runs. I took rushing to a goal out of the picture and then I stopped being injured. I haven’t had a running injury other than some tightness that has kept me out for about a week for almost 8 years now. As I see it how your proceeding is getting you much closer to your longer term goals. Anyway, good decisions, keep them up. They are bringing a lot of rewards down the line.

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