Sprint Cycle

17 08 2007

sprintAs I mentioned earlier, in “Re-Assessment”, we are switching it up a bit. For the next 5 weeks we will be doing a new cycle. We’ll call it a sprint cycle. We are going to be following a pretty standard program out there known as “5 x 5”. We are using the 5 x 5 as prescribed by Mike “Mahler’s Aggressive Strength: Kettlebell Solution for Size and Strength”. You can check it out here on his site: Mike Mahler (about 2/3rds down the page). We are making a few modifications to accommodate our goals. One, the program calls for doing Double Kettlebell Squats on all 3 days. We’re going to do the Double KB Squat on day 2, and replace the other 2 days with Deadlifts (to keep that progress going). We’re also going to throw in some extra rowing. On the 3 days we workout, we’ll be throwing in an extra 15min of rowing at another point in the day (either at lunch or after work). And we’ll have a 4th day dedicated solely to rowing. They’ll mostly consist of high intensity rowing. I’m usually home for lunch, so I’m using our rower. Chris has a gym near his work, so he’s using a NICE Concept 2 rower, 3 days a week 🙂

Now the idea of this sprint cycle was a break. You may be thinking to yourself “A break? You guys are throwing in an extra workout a day, how’s that a break?” When we re-assessed that our timeline for completing “300” was going to need extension, we decided we needed to move away from the training we were doing for “300” for a bit, for a mental break. Just to do something else, a shorter cycle with another goal in mind to complete (hence “sprint”). And then we’ll come back to “300”. I mean, what’s the rush? Completing “300” is not a matter of “if”, just a matter of “when”. And “when” doesn’t really matter. It’s not like we’re training for a “300” competition or something. It is merely the end goal of one of the journey’s we are currently on. And for us, the journey, and the learning and growth that come with it, are what’s important.

We decided we were in pretty decent shape and that, for a month (well, 5 weeks), we could crank it up a bit. The goal for this cycle, as Chris has mentioned, is “shed”. With the addition of the rowing and some refinement in our diets, we’re going to see if we can’t shed a few tenacious pounds of padding (and bring some of that armor to the surface;). No, we are absolutely NOT setting a goal for the number of pounds lost. We are just going to follow thru with this program and see if we can’t shed a few. Think of it as walking to your destination. Then at one point you sprint half a block and then get back to walking. Just gets you there a tad faster;)





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25 09 2007
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